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Bear Achievement and Elective Resources



This page will be updated with links to activities, ideas, worksheets and field trip suggestions provided by Den Leaders to address requirements and electives for the Bear Rank Badge and Electives.  Please send information and ideas you have used to the webmaster.

Bear Achievements

Bear Achievement Tracking sheets:
Den Achievement tracker
Den Arrow Point Tracker
Individual Scout Tracker

Fun sheets for Den Meetings:
Word Search
November Meeting

1.  Ways We Worship
2.  Emblems of Faith
3.  What Makes America Special?

Worksheet for 3a, 3b and 3e

4.  Tall Tales


5.  Sharing Your World With Wildlife

Worksheet for 5a & 5e
Bird feeder / Bird house Plans

6.  Take Care of Your Planet

Worksheet for 6d, 6e & 6f

7.  Law Enforcement is a Big Job
8.  The Past is Exciting and Important

Worksheets 8d & 8f

9.  What's Cooking?
10. Family Fun
11. Be ready!
12. Family Outdoor Adventure
13. Saving Well, Spending Well

Worksheet 13c

14. Ride Right
15. Games, Games, Games!
16. Building Muscles
17. Information Please
18. Jot it Down

Worksheet 18c

19. Shavings and Chips
20. Sawdust and Nails
21. Build a Model
22. Tying it All Up
23. Sports, Sports, Sports

24. Be a Leader

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Bear Electives

1.  Space - useful web sites
2.  Weather - useful websites
3.  Radio
4.  Electricity
5.  Boats
6.  Aircraft

Worksheet 6f

7.  Things That Go
8.  Cub Scout Band
9.  Art
10. Masks
11. Photography
12. Nature Crafts
13. Magic
14. Landscaping
16. Farm Animals
17. Repairs
18. Backyard Gym
19. Swimming
20. Sports
21. Sales
22. Collecting Things
23. Maps

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Pack 45 thanks our Charter Organization, the Shenendehowa United Methodist Church, for their support and use of their facilities for our events.

Please contact the webmaster.
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